Chapter Three

Fired Up

"They're late! We were supposed to leave half an hour ago!" exclaimed Jamie's mother, Elizabeth.

Just then Jamie and Brian rounded the corner and headed onto the gravel driveway. They were riding so fast that gravel was flying in every direction. Jamie pulled her bike into the garage with Brian right behind her.

"Sorry ... we're ... late!" she said panting for air. "I don't think I ever rode so fast!"

Brian collapsed on the ground. "I ... could ... hardly ... keep up with you. Why did I pack so much camping gear?"

"Jamie, I've told you before about driving so fast on the gravel driveway. One of these days you're going to get hurt," her father scolded her.

"I'm sorry, Dad," Jamie apologized.

"Brian, I'm glad you could join us. It'll be great to have another man along on our camping trip," said Darryl.

In a few minutes the Jeep was packed, and they were off for the mountains.

When they arrived at the campsite, night was fast approaching. Jamie and Elizabeth quickly set up the tent, while Darryl and Brian gathered the firewood. Soon Darryl started a roaring fire. They were all having a great time laughing, joking, singing campfire songs, eating roasted chicken, and toasting marshmallows. Camping was great fun.

Finally, after much merriment, Brian spoke up. "Excuse me," he said, "but could we hear more about Daniel?"

Darryl smiled and said, "I think that's an excellent idea. Let me find my Bible, and we can get started on chapter three."

"Dear G-d, we thank you for this time we have together. Please help us to understand the reading of your word. We ask all this in your Holy Name. Amen."


Mishael looked out his window toward the Plain of Dura. His gaze was fixed on a golden statue glistening in the sunlight. This was no ordinary statue; it stood ninety feet high and nine feet wide,1 and it was being erected at Nebuchadnezzar's request. Just then a knock came at the door. "Come on in; the door's open!" called Mishael.

The door opened, revealing one of the king's messengers. He was there to summon Mishael to the dedication of the statue. After the messenger left, Mishael sat, pondering the meaning of it all. He finally decided to pay his friends Hananiah and Azariah a visit. He had just started down the street, when he ran into his friends coming from the opposite direction, looking for him.

Azariah asked, "What do you think, Mishael? Nebuchadnezzar has commanded his governors, advisors, treasurers, judges, and his other officials to come from everywhere in his kingdom to the dedication of the statue."

"I don't like it one bit; I wish Daniel were here," replied Mishael.


"Dad," Jamie interrupted.

Darryl paused for a moment to hear Jamie's question.

"Who was the statue of?" she asked.

Brian interjected, "It must be of Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel just told him he was the head of gold in the statue of chapter two, and he must have let it go to his head!"

"That's a very good guess, Brian. I tend to agree with you. However, the Bible doesn't say for certain. Some people believe Nebuchadnezzar was puffed up and made the statue of himself, others believe the statue was of a Babylonian god,"2 he explained. "The statue was built about fifteen years after Nebuchadnezzar's dream. It was probably gold-plated and not solid gold, but either way, I'm sure it was very expensive!3 I should also mention that archeologists have recently uncovered the pedestal for the statue in the Plain of Dura."4

Jamie told Brian, "See, every day more and more evidence is being uncovered to prove the accuracy of the Bible."

At this, Darryl continued with the story.