Chapter Six

Feeding Time

"Someone's coming," Brian whispered.

Everyone sat motionless, listening to the sound of footsteps coming closer to the tent.

"Hello," a voice called out.

Darryl laid his Bible down, unzipped the tent door, and poked his head out. Darryl looked up into the face of a forest ranger. "Yes, sir, can I help you?"

The forest ranger cleared his throat, "I'm looking for a mountain lion. Have you seen any signs of him?"

Mountain lion, Darryl thought. He must be dangerous, or the forest ranger wouldn't be out at night looking for him. "What kind of trouble has he caused?"

"Over the past few weeks, he killed a couple of cows on some nearby farms. Tonight he attacked a couple of hikers not far from here. I'm afraid he will have to be destroyed before he kills someone," the ranger said grimly. "I wanted to warn you, and also tell you to be on the lookout. Do you have all of your food properly stored?"

"Yes, sir, everything has been cleaned up and locked in the Jeep. We don't have any food in the tent," Darryl explained.

"Very good. I need to visit the other campers. Good night." The ranger turned and headed back into the woods.

As Darryl pulled his head back inside the tent door, everyone started talking at once.

"Dad, what are we going to do?" Jamie had lost all the color in her face.

"Can I sleep in the car?" Brian asked.

"Darryl, do you think we are safe here?" asked Elizabeth cautiously.

Darryl took a deep breath; he had to calm the fears of his family. "I think we'd better pray."

Everyone joined hands and bowed their heads as Darryl lead them in prayer. "Dear L-rd, we thank you for bringing us here safely. We know that you can do all things. We ask that you watch over us tonight; protect us from any danger, L-rd. Father, we ask that you heal the hikers' wounds. We ask that you help the forest rangers locate and kill the lion before anyone else is harmed. We thank you that we can bring our fears and concerns before you, we know you are always ready to help us. In Messiah's name we pray. Amen."

"I feel better now." The color was starting to return to Jamie's cheeks.

"Do you really think He can protect us from a mountain lion?" Brian still looked worried.

"It wouldn't be the first time G-d protected someone from a lion. Daniel was protected by G-d in a den of lions," Elizabeth told Brian.

"It's in the next chapter in the book of Daniel. We can study it now unless you are too tired," Darryl explained.

"Tired?! I don't think I could sleep at all right now. I'm too scared," Brian replied.

"Well then, let's begin chapter six."