Chapter Seven

Animal Kingdoms

Jamie awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the smell of breakfast cooking over the campfire. Realizing she was the last one to awaken, Jamie quickly dressed and crawled out of the tent.

"Well, its about time, sleepy head," her dad said teasingly.

Brian was laughing at her.

"What's your problem?" Jamie grumbled.

"Your hair is sticking straight up," he laughed. "I wish I had my camera here."

"Breakfast is just about ready," Elizabeth told her. "Why don't you freshen up before we eat?"

As Jamie trudged off to the bathroom, she suddenly recalled the previous night's visit from the forest ranger. She smiled to herself as she thought about how wonderful it was to know that G-d had protected her family throughout the night.

As they finished eating breakfast Jamie's dad announced, "We are going to take a long hike this morning and have our lunch on the top of that mountain over there."

Brian swung around. "All the way up there? Good thing we had a big breakfast!"

Soon they were hiking up the mountain trail. The hours passed quickly. When they finally reached the summit they were overwhelmed with the view of the Lake of the Clouds below.

"This is awesome!" Brian shouted. His voice echoed throughout the canyon.

They found a shady spot to have lunch and asked the L-rd's blessing. Then they devoured the lunch Elizabeth had packed.

"I can't wait until we get back to camp so we can hear more about Daniel," Brian said.

"Why, Brian," Darryl said. "I brought my Bible along. We can look at chapter seven now."

"Sure, let's get started."

"We are half-way through the book of Daniel. The first half was the easy part. Although there is a great deal of prophecy in the first six chapters, Daniel also recorded the events of his life and the lives of his friends. Chapters seven through twelve are all prophetical. Some of the things G-d revealed to Daniel have happened and some of the events are still in the future. I believe these events will occur in your lifetime."

"Wow, do you really think so?" Brian's eyes were as big as saucers.

"Yes, I do. I will explain as we go along."

"Dad, can I pray this time?" Jamie asked.

"Sure, go right ahead."

"Dear L-rd, thank you for protecting us last night. Thank you for allowing us to study your words of prophecy in such a beautiful place. Help us to understand the prophecies you gave Daniel long ago. We ask all this in Your Holy Name. Amen."


In the first year of King Belshazzar's reign, Daniel went to bed as he usually did and fell into a deep sleep. During the night Daniel had a dream and visions, which G-d gave him to reveal the future to him. After Daniel received the visions, he wrote them down.


"Excuse me," Brian already had a question. "I thought Belshazzar already died and the Medes and Persians were in control."

"You're right. Chapters seven through twelve are a record of the dreams and visions G-d gave Daniel throughout his life. They do not follow chapters one through six in chronological order.

Before we continue reading, I should tell you a little bit about Daniel's vision. I'm sure you will recall the dream Nebuchadnezzar had about the statue."

"Sure, Dad."

"G-d revealed to Nebuchadnezzar that there were going to be four kingdoms followed by Yeshua's (Jesus') return to earth and the establishment of His eternal kingdom. G-d revealed the same thing to Daniel in his dream. G-d used four beasts to symbolize the four kingdoms. Now let's read what Daniel had to say about his dream."