Dear Reader,

I have chosen the novel format over the commentary style format to simplify the message of Daniel.

The reader will notice the vowels have been removed from the name of our L-rd G-d. This may be the first time the reader has experienced the use of this format. This is done out of respect and reverence for His Holy Name.

The reader should:
1. Always pray before doing any Bible study.
2. Read a chapter of the book of Daniel in the Bible.
3. Read the corresponding chapter in this book.
4. Re-read the same chapter in the Bible.

I recommend studying only one chapter a day. The first six chapters of Daniel are fairly easy to understand, but the last six chapters can be very difficult to absorb. The reader needs time to think over each chapter before moving on to the next one. I have relied on the books and commentaries of some of the greatest Bible scholars of our day and their works have been cited in the bibliography. If there are any errors in the book or in its interpretation of the book of Daniel, may the L-rd forgive me. One lesson I hope I have been able to get across to my students is this: "The Bible is our final authority. If I or anyone else tells you something that conflicts with the Bible, then the Bible is right, and I am wrong."

G-d bless you,

Elaine Ransom