Review Questions

Chapter One
Taken Captive

1) Who invaded Jerusalem in 606 B.C.?

2) Why did G-d allow the country of Israel to be taken captive?

3) Why were Daniel and his friends given new names?

4) Why didn't Daniel and his friends want to eat the king's food?

5) How did G-d reward Daniel and his friends for their faithfulness?

Chapter Two
Facing Execution

1) Why didn't King Nebuchadnezzar want to tell his wisemen his dream?

2) With what punishment did King Nebuchadnezzar threaten them?

3) What kingdoms are represented by:
a) The head of gold?
b) The chest and arms of silver?
c) The belly and thighs of bronze?
d) The legs of iron?

4) What kingdom is represented by the feet of iron and clay?

5) What kingdom is represented by the rock?

6) Who will rule forever?

Chapter Three
Fired Up

1) What did King Nebuchadnezzar have built in the plain of Dura?

2) What did King Nebuchadnezzar want everyone to do?

3) What punishment did Daniel's friends face if they didn't do what the king commanded?

4) Which commandments would they have broken if they would have bowed before the statue?

5) Who rescued them from the fiery furnace?

6) What is a christophany?

Chapter Four
Wild King

1) Who had a dream about a tree?

2) What did the tree represent?

3) What did Daniel say would happen to Nebuchadnezzar?

4) How long did G-d give Nebuchadnezzar to repent?

5) Where was Nebuchadnezzar when G-d's judgment came upon him?

6) How did Nebuchadnezzar act at that time?

7) How long was he insane?

8) What happened at the end of seven years?

Chapter Five
Partying Fools

1) Who had a party for all of his high-ranking officials?

2) What did the people attending the party drink out of?

3) What happened during the party that terrified them?

4) Who interpreted the message?

5) What did the message say?

6) What happened that night?

Chapter Six
Feeding Time

1) Why were the wisemen jealous of Daniel?

2) What law did they want King Darius to pass?

3) What is special about a law made according to the Medes and the Persians?

4) What did Daniel do three times a day?

5) What was Daniel's punishment for not obeying the law?

6) What happened to Daniel there?

7) What did Darius do to the men who wanted the law passed in the first place?

Chapter Seven
Animal Kingdoms

1) What empire is symbolized by the winged eagle?

2) What empire is symbolized by the bear?

3) What empire is symbolized by the winged-leopard with four heads?

4) What empire is symbolized by the terrible beast?

5) What do the ten horns represent?

6) Who does the little horn with eyes and mouth represent?

7) Who is the Ancient of Days?

8) Who is the Son of Man?

Chapter Eight
Rams vs. Goats

1) What empire is symbolized by the ram?

2) What empire is symbolized by the goat?

3) Who is symbolized by the mighty horn?

4) Who is symbolized by the four horns?

5) What two people are symbolized by the little horn that comes up after?

6) What will the anti-messiah (antichrist) do at the temple in Jerusalem during the tribulation period?

Chapter Nine
Math Class

1) Why was Daniel praying?

2) Who appeared to Daniel in response to his prayer?

3) How many years did one week in the prophecy represent?

4) How many weeks of the prophecy have already been fulfilled?

5) What happened at the end of that period?

6) The final week in Daniel's prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. What do we call the final week?

Chapter Ten
Star Wars

1) How long had Daniel been praying and fasting?

2) Where was he when he received the vision?

3) Did anyone else see the vision?

4) Who did he see in his vision?

5) An angel was sent to Daniel with a message. Why was he delayed?

6) Who came to the angel's rescue?

Chapter Eleven
Caught Between North and South

1) Syria was part of the ____________ kingdom.

2) Egypt was part of the ____________ kingdom.

3)Which king of the northern kingdom was a type of anti-messiah (antichrist)?

4) Who claims to be G-d during the tribulation?

5) What is the abomination of desolation that will happen in the future?

Chapter Twelve
Two-Minute Warning

1) What two signs of the last days did the angel give Daniel?

2) How long is a time, times, and half time?

3) How long is the book of Daniel to be sealed?