Romans Chapter 15

Romans 15:1 We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

Galatians 6:2 Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Messiah (Christ).

Romans 15:2-3 Let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification. For even Messiah pleased not Himself; but, as it is written, the reproaches of them that reproached you fell on me.

"Reproaches" - refers to slander, false accusations, and insults. Men hate HaShem. Men hate Yeshua. Yeshua came to serve and please His Father by doing His will.

John 4:34 Yeshua (Jesus) said to them, "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to accomplish His work.

If men persecute you for this, know that no servant is above his master. He received the same treatment. If we hurt our brothers in Messiah we are in effect hurting Yeshua also.

Tehillim 69:9-10 (Psalms 69:8-9) I have become a stranger to my brothers, And an alien to my mother's children; Because zeal for Your house has eaten me up, and the reproaches of those who reproach You have fallen on me.

This is not only David's zeal for the house of L-rd but this is a prophecy of Yeshua's actions with a whip with the moneychangers.

An alien to my mother's children - This describes the virgin birth and the fact that the Messiah's siblings would be half-brothers and half-sisters because they had different fathers.

When one looks at the Messianic Prophecies it comes to mind, what are the odds of most of these things being done by a person?

Yet in the life of Yeshua one can see many of them were done by Him in His appearance in the flesh and more will be done in His next coming.

Romans 15:4 For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

We have hope in His promises because of His Word.

We, who are in Yeshua, are not under authority of the law.

The moral implications of the law are still in effect and all scripture is still of benefit.

We of course have the liberty to keep the instructions. No one should try to keep you from doing good. We do know, however, we all fall short because those of us still in this world have not been perfected yet. Don't compromise the Word either for we are under Yeshua and then therefore under HaShem. Follow the Torah giver!

We should not be always willing to please ourselves when with our brother regarding these things. We should be willing to please him and accept one another in peace, regardless of differences covered in these passages. Sometimes we must also sacrifice self for a friend. This is how Yeshua acted.

Romans 15:5 Now the G-d of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Messiah Yeshua:

We should all be one in agreement with these things because it comes from HaShem.

Romans 15:6-8 That you may with one mind and one mouth glorify G-d, even the Father of our L-rd Yeshua HaMashiach. Wherefore you receive one another, as Messiah also received us to the glory of G-d. Now I say that Yeshua HaMashiach was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of G-d, to confirm the promises made to the fathers:

Yeshua was the Father's servant to Israel