Sh’mu’el Alef (1 Samuel) Chapter 1

We will be studying Sh’mu’el Alef and Bet (the first and second books of Samuel). These scrolls are the ninth and tenth scrolls in number. They are separated for a reason. The first scroll of Sh’mu’el (Samuel) looks to the beginning of a monarchy of Israel. Keep the letter Tet – serpent; objective good- that which appears evil but is for our improvement in mind as we study this scroll. Saul was not the greatest King and sometimes did things that were not right as King but it all was allowed by G-d for the improvement of Israel. It further illustrates the need for a righteous King on the throne. They also illustrate our need for a righteous King like Yeshua. The second scroll of Sh’mu’el (Samuel) will correspond to the letter Yod- a metaphysical and Divine letter meaning hand- the right hand of G-d. In this scroll we see the rise of David by G-d’s hand. He promises a Davidic ruler and we know that this future ruler will be Divine. His throne will be forever.

I do not believe we will be studying Divrei-Hayamim Alef and Bet (the Chronicles) scrolls at this time because Sh’mu’el Alef and Bet (1 & 2nd Samuel) covers largely the same material as Divrei-Hayamim Alef (1st Chronicles). M’lakim Alef and Bet (1 & 2nd Kings) covers largely the same material as Divrei-Hayamim Bet (2nd Chronicles). It is important to know however that while Sh’mu’el (Samuel) and M’lakim (Kings) emphasizes the prophetic viewpoint; Divrei-Hayamim (Chronicles) emphasizes the same material from the spiritual and priestly viewpoint. L-rd willing we will be studying M’lakim Alef and Bet (1st and 2nd Kings).

The corresponding letter to this chapter is Aleph- head, as in Creator, King; the head of a bull appointed for sacrifice, etc.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:1-2 Now there was a certain man from Ramatayim-Tzofim from the hill country of Efrayim, and his name was Elkanah the son of Yerocham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tochu, the son of Tzuf, an Efraimite. And he had two wives: the name of one was Hannah and the name of the other P’ninah; and P’ninah had children, but Hannah had no children.

Elkanah means “G-d has created”. He was a Levite and lived in the territory of Efrayim. See Divrei-Hayamim Alef chapter 6.

Hannah means Grace. She was probably his first wife and was barren.

P’ninah means Ruby. He may have married her because Hannah was barren.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:3-6 Now this man would go up from his city yearly to worship and to sacrifice to the L-RD of hosts in Shiloh. And the two sons of Eli, Hofni and Pinchas were priests to the L-RD there. And when the day came that Elkanah sacrificed, he would give portions to P’ninah his wife and to all her sons and her daughters; but to Hannah he would give a double portion, for he loved Hannah, but the L-RD had closed her womb. Her rival, however, would provoke her bitterly to irritate her, because the L-RD had closed her womb.

The L-RD of hosts – Adonai-Tzva’ot

Sometimes people can be very cruel. I imagine it deeply hurt Hannah that she could have no children. That wasn’t bad enough though somebody had to rub it in. What a terrible thing, to hit a person when they are down. This is the time when we are to surrender ourselves to His will in our lives. The L-rd G-d is in control of all things, we have to accept this fact and surrender to His will. It is the only way to be happy and smile about our situation. When someone is mean, be nice in return and continue to smile and continue to be happy in the L-rd. I am not saying it was wrong for her to be sad about it but many times G-d allows these kind of things in our lives to build our character. It is a time to be closer to the one who understands our hurts because He Himself was rejected and hurt by others. The L-rd G-d is with the broken hearted and He is the only one who can fill our hurts in life, even when others kick you when you are down. I guess some could say Hannah was a loser she couldn’t even have children. I believe one of the reasons G-d does certain things in our lives is to see how we are going to respond. Are we going to go to Him with our failures? He will turn them into victories. Is the L-rd G-d Himself efficient enough for us? He is! Can we smile in our failures or when we do things other people do not understand and will never understand and get ridiculed by them. Another person can only hurt you if you let them. If you are secure in your self and in your walk with the L-rd no one can touch your spirit. The Messiah was our example on the execution stake, who in death, did not hold bitterness toward anyone but said forgive them father for they know not what they do. We see many examples of barren women in the Bible. Why do you think this is? One reason is the L-rd G-d deals with the impossible for He makes the impossible probable. Barren women who have children through some miracle also points us to what?……….a virgin later giving birth maybe!? Something you would think even more impossible isn’t it?

Luke 1:26-35 Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from G-d to a city in Galilee, called Nazareth, to a virgin engaged to a man whose name was Yosef, of the descendants of David; and the virgin's name was Miryam. And coming in, he said to her, "Hail, favored one! The L-rd is with you." But she was greatly troubled at this statement, and kept pondering what kind of salutation this might be. And the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Miryam; for you have found FAVOR with G-d. "And look, you will conceive in your womb, and bear a son, and you shall name Him Yeshua. "He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the L-rd G-d will give Him the throne of His father David; and He will reign over the house of Yakkov forever; and His kingdom will have no end. " And Miryam said to the angel, "How can this be, since I am a virgin?" And the angel answered and said to her, "Ruach HaKodesh will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy offspring shall be called the Son of G-d. "And look, even your relative Elisheva (Elizabeth) has also conceived a son in her old age; and she who was called barren is now in her sixth month. "For nothing will be impossible with G-d." And Miryam said, "Look, the Maidservant of the L-rd; be it done to me according to your word." And the angel departed from her.

Wow- even Elisheva (Elizabeth) was barren but then conceived. That is one thing, but could the L-rd G-d cause a virgin to conceive?

Again, NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE WITH G-D! Elizabeth and Hannah are a type of Miryam. They point to what the L-rd G-d would do with Miryam and how His own Son would come to be the servant of the L-rd for mankind not unlike Samuel. Samuel also is a type of Yeshua HaMashiach.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:7-8 And it happened year after year, as often as she went up to the house of the L-RD, she would provoke her, so she wept and would not eat. Then Elkanah her husband said to her, "Hannah, why do you weep and why do you not eat and why is your heart sad? Am I not better to you than ten sons?"

No sorry, Elkanah, you may be a great husband BUT you are not want Hannah wants and needs. She longs for a baby to hold and love. Try as you may you will NEVER replace the baby that your barren wife longs for. Seeing the other children with their mother is making the situation even more difficult.

Mishlei (Proverbs) 30:15-16 … There are three things that will not be satisfied, Four that will not say, "Enough": Sheol, and the barren womb, Earth that is never satisfied with water, and fire that never says, "Enough."

Elaine here: The only thing that will satisfy a barren woman is a baby. If you find yourself in that situation, consider adoption. We did. We now have a beautiful baby girl from China. It can be a very difficult time for the woman, it is necessary to lean completely on the L-rd to get through the situation.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:9-14 Then Hannah rose after eating and drinking in Shiloh. Now Eli the priest was sitting on the seat by the doorpost of the temple of the L-RD. And she, greatly distressed, prayed to the L-RD and wept bitterly. And she made a vow and said, "O L-RD of hosts, if you will indeed look on the affliction of your maidservant and remember me, and not forget your maidservant, but will give your maidservant a son, then I will give him to the L-RD all the days of his life, and a razor shall never come on his head." Now it came about, as she continued praying before the L-RD, that Eli was watching her mouth. As for Hannah, she was speaking in her heart, only her lips were moving, but her voice was not heard. So Eli thought she was drunk. Then Eli said to her, "How long will you make yourself drunk? Put away your wine from you."

Eli falsely thought Hannah was a drunk. Many thought Miryam was a loose woman too.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:15-18 But Hannah answered and said, "No, my lord, I am a woman oppressed in spirit; I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but I have poured out my soul before the L-RD. Do not consider your maidservant as a worthless woman; for I have spoken until now out of my great concern and provocation." Then Eli answered and said, "Go in peace; and may the G-d of Israel grant your petition that you have asked of Him." And she said, "Let your maidservant find favor in your sight." So the woman went her way and ate, and her face was no longer sad.

It brought her closer to the L-rd and she finally let it rest in His hands regardless if He responded favorably or not.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:19-20 Then they arose early in the morning and worshiped before the L-RD, and returned again to their house in Ramah. And Elkanah had relations with Hannah his wife, and the L-RD remembered her. And it came about in due time, after Hannah had conceived, that she gave birth to a son; and she named him Samuel, saying, "Because I have asked him of the L-RD."

The L-rd G-d does indeed deal in miracles. Don’t ever doubt it.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:21-22 Then the man Elkanah went up with all his household to offer to the L-RD the yearly sacrifice and pay his vow. But Hannah did not go up, for she said to her husband, "I will not go up until the child is weaned; then I will bring him, that he may appear before the L-RD and stay there forever."

Can you imagine waiting for a son for so long and then to have to give him up? She was willing to give her son to the L-rd and must fulfill her vow. The Father too was willing to give his only son too.

Yochanan (John) 3:16 "For G-d so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:23-24 And Elkanah her husband said to her, "Do what seems best to you. Remain until you have weaned him; only may the L-RD confirm His word." So the woman remained and nursed her son until she weaned him. Now when she had weaned him, she took him up with her, with a three-year-old bull and one ephah of flour and a jug of wine, and brought him to the house of the L-RD in Shiloh, although the child was young.

Samuel who symbolizes the Messiah enters the temple and serves there. The bull and the flour, to make bread, and wine all point to the Messiah. They are symbolic of the body and blood of the Messiah.

Sh’mu’el Alef 1:25-28 Then they slaughtered the bull, and brought the boy to Eli. And she said, "Oh, my lord! As your soul lives, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you, praying to the L-RD. For this boy I prayed, and the L-RD has given me my petition, which I asked of Him. So I have also dedicated him to the L-RD; as long as he lives he is dedicated to the L-RD." And he worshiped the L-RD there.

It is wonderful to have G-dly parents who will dedicate them selves to raising their children to serve the L-rd.