From B'resheet (Genesis) thru the end of the Tanakh we see signs of Yeshua everywhere. Not only do we have Messianic prophecies pointing us to Him. The Tanakh is overflowing with symbolism, types, etc. pointing us to Him.

It reminds me of one of those searchlights that they put in the parking lot of a new mall, car lot, etc to get our attention. The Tanakh doesn't just whisper Yeshua's name softly in your ear. It screams it. "Yeshua is coming, Yeshua is coming - He is your Mashiach!

With the L-rd's help we would like to begin a study on "The Tabernacle". This study will be long and very involved. We will be discussing the construction of the tabernacle, the various furnishings, the priestly garments, the various offerings, sacrifices, feasts, etc. We will look at what each item symbolizes and how it applies to Yeshua.

We will assume that you are familiar with the basic story of the Israelites exodus from Egypt. If you are not familiar with it you may want to read the Book of Sh'mot (Exodus) for back ground information.

Names of the Tabernacle

How many scriptural temples?

  1. Tabernacle of Moshe - Exodus 40
  2. Temple of Solomon - 1 Kings 5-8
  3. Temple of Zerubbabel (rebuilt by Herod) Ezra 6; John 2
  4. Temple of the Body of Yeshua - John 2:21
  5. Our bodies or the assembly. (1 Cor. 6:19; Eph. 2:21)
  6. Tribulation temple - Rev. 11 (time of Jacob's trouble)
  7. Millennial temple - Ezekiel 40-48; Daniel 9:24; Joel 3:18; Isaiah 2:3; 60:13; Haggai 2:7,9
    The millennial temple will be the last of seven temples.

As we proceed through the study there will be many references to weights and measures. Our weights and measures chart contains the weights and measures used in the Bible and their modern day equivalents.